About the Archive

Amongst many other initiatives, our legendary administrator Bernie Lodge started a series of scrapbooks on club affairs during the 1950s. He kept these going until his death in 2003, aged 81. Some limited additions have been made since them. The scrapbooks were very comprehensive, but Bernie was always very reluctant to lend them out, rightly fearing he might have problems getting them back. Indeed, the only occasion when they all left his possession was to be catalogued by the national Library of Scotland, who were fulsome in praise over the social history presented in their pages.
Neil Leitch took over as Club historian after the death of Bernie Lodge. He ensured the scrapbooks continued to be lovingly preserved & continued Bernie’s policy of no lending.
That would have been it, if it had not been for a surprise from the estate of Craig Frame, who had been Hon. President for 27 years until his death in 2014, continuing our tradition of long life by our senior office Bearers as he was 86. The Club were surprised but delighted to be advised that Craig had left us a generous bequest from his estate. 
The Committee considered at length what to do with the money to ensure it was in a way Craig would have approved. The first decision was to digitalise the Club Scrapbooks. Craig was probably our most social ever member, appearing many times in the scrapbooks when photographs were taken of social occasions. This would ensure his happy demeanor could be seen in perpetuity on the web.
The rest of the bequest was used for a far more expensive venture – a complete refurbishment of the lounge area in our pavilion, including rewiring. Craig would have very much enjoyed the end result.