Club History

Our Club was formed in late 1920 as Northern RFC – the Edinburgh part was not added to several years later. As this archive shows, we have a tremendous volume on the history of the Club, particularly the social aspect and lives of our players. However, the early days are rather shrouded in mystery. 
It is known that only five fixtures were played in that first 1920/1 season. The driving force behind the formation of the Club were the Murdoch brothers, David & John, but they were joined from the outset by a 15 year old Tom Henderson, who went on to became one of the two greatest administrators in the history of the club. this culminated in him serving as Hon. President for no less than 33 years until his death in 1987.
Northern’s other great administrator was Bernie Lodge, who joined the Club after relocating from South Wales with his job in Customs & Excise in the early 1950s. The Club were at a low ebb at the time, never really having recovered from the break during the Second World War. Apart from becoming Club Captain, it was his prodigious output as Club Secretary which enabled us to rise to be one of the largest Junior Clubs in the country, albeit less noted for success on the field. In a strange coincidence, Tom & Bernie both died two months short of their 82nd birthdays, the great referee in the sky allowing no more extra time.
The Club produced booklets for both our 50th & 75th Anniversaries, the later publication drawing on much of the material in the former publication. This brochure can be found here.  
Apart from this publication, this whole archive will give you a rounded idea of our marvellous club. 
Onwards and Upwards,
Neil Leitch
Club Historian
Autumn 2018
Honorary Presidents
- Indicates non club member
Honorary Vice-PresidentsHonorary Life Members
- Year shown is year elected
*Sir Patrick Ford MP 1925-26 to 1935-6*Bailie TW Nelson 1926-7 to 1938-9T Henderson 1966
*AGE Hill MP 1936-7 to 1938-9*TH Grinstead 1928-9 to 1937-8B Lodge 1966
*Treasurer J Miller 1947-8 & 1949-50JK Murdoch 1931-2 to 1937-8 & 1953-4 to 1962-3JWR Smith 1966
*Lord Provost AHA Murray 1948-9*T Sawers 1937-8 to 1938-9D Forbes 1967
PT Forsyth 1950-1 to 1953-4*Councillor AHA Murray 1947-8CA Edgar 1969
T Henderson 1954-5 to 1986-7D Murdoch 1947-8 to 1948-49ML Harper 1971
CGS Frame 1987-8 to 2014-5*Treasurer J Miller 1948-9JM Bryce 1975
DWL Mackenzie 2016 onwards*Councillor MJ Williamson 1948-9 to 1949-50WJ Reid 1975
PT Forsyth 1949-50CGS Frame 1979
A Law 1950-1 to 1953-4(IG Hunter 1986)
GL Bigam 1950-1 to 1957-8DWL Mackenzie 1989
T Inglis 1952-3 to 1962-3WD Robb 1989
T Bowen 1952-3 to 1960-1AC Archibald 1991
R Gillies 1952-3 to 1955-6PJ Bonnington 1997
RS Ramsay 1952-3 to 1960-1JH Rust 1997
R Wishart 1953-4 to 1962-3IR Brechin 2001
T Henderson 1953-4NJ Leitch 2005
T Kyle 1955-6 to 1957-8JM Archer 2008
B Lodge 1955-6 to 1956-7MJ Horner 2009
WC Beattie 1955-6 to 1962-3BT Otter 2014
IWJ Robertson 1956-7 to 1960-1
A Collins 1956-7 to 1957-8
RB Scott 1956-7 to 1957-8
N Mackenzie 1957-8
PM Sparling 1957-8 to 1962-3
AE Archbold 1960-1 to 1962-3
N Scratchard 1960-1
A Sykes 1960-1
S MacAheney 1960-1
J Baillie 1960-1
*M Green 1963-4 to 1973-4
VG Roberts 1963-4 to 1967-8
C Mitchell 1968-9 to 1973-4
JA Robertson 1974-5 to 1978-9
D Drain 1974-5 to 1977-8
CGS Frame 1978-9 to 1986-7